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’I am what one might call an enigma. Put me in front of a camera and I’ll perform. Ask me to make a decision and I’ll do it quickly. Invite me to speak in front of five hundred people and I’ll agree in a second.

But book me on an overseas holiday with my husband, or sit me down to talk about money, or take me out to a new and exciting part of town, and I’ll be a nervous wreck.

One might call me an enigma, but that would be wrong. What I really am is just highly anxious. I just don’t talk about it to anyone. Except… er… now.’

The Little Book of Anxiety is for anyone who has experienced anxiety – which is pretty much everyone. It is a funny book about a serious subject: the ways in which anxiety can impact on your life and the lives of those around you. With humour, insight and searing honesty, Kerri Sackville opens up about the trials and sheer absurdities of living a worried life. From crazed nailbiting, to being hysterical in a jammed lift, to fearing her husband is dead when he’s late home from work, Kerri has done it all.

If you know the agonies of sleepless nights, regularly jump to the worst-case scenario, or drive your loved ones mad with your irrational fears, then this book may very well save your sanity.

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