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Shortlisted for The Sheridan Morley Prize 2015

"A wonderfully inventive comic actor and a great farceur … In Manuel he created one of the great comic characters." John Cleese

Berlin, 1938. In a crowded restaurant a small boy watches fearfully as his Jewish father is arrested by Hitler’s Gestapo. Days later, as Nazis burn and loot Jewish shops, his resourceful Catholic mother prepares an escape plan to take her family to England.

So began Andreas Siegfried Sachs’ life in London, a new life at times no less bizarre or madcap than the world of Fawlty Towers and its hapless Spanish waiter, Manuel.

Now, as one of Britain’s best-loved actors, Andrew Sachs recounts tales of his hilarious struggle to come to terms with all things English and his early foray into the world of showbiz, and goes behind the scenes of the infamous Torquay hotel. In time conquering stage, screen and radio, Sachs has appeared alongside a galaxy of stars including Rex Harrison, Norman Wisdom, Noël Coward, Alec Guinness, Richard Burton and Peter Sellers, and written award-winning radio plays, proving his talent and versatility again and again.

A charming, laugh-out-loud funny and utterly compelling memoir which promises to delight devotees of Fawlty Towers, I Know Nothing! reveals the twists and turns of the truly fascinating life of Andrew Sachs, whose dignified response to the distressing intrusion into his private life by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross has only served to enhance the British public’s affection for him.


There is, however, a lot more to the memoir than Manuel… as well as telling a jolly showbiz tale, he can also strike a more serious and insightful tone when the subject matter requires it

The Times

[T]his is an engaging and often touching account of someone who has gone through life hellbent on squeezing as much enjoyment out of it as he can.

Mail On Sunday

The harrowing, inspiring life of Andrew Sachs.

Roger Lewis, The Spectator

A feast of stories, funny and sad, name droppings par excellence, thoughtful opinions and a 54-year-old love story.


Those into celebrity autobiographies should watch out for offerings from Andrew Sachs…

The Press
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